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Our Founders


Lisa Jane Newman 

NLP Master Practitioner | Strategic Intervention Coach | Hypnotherapist | Special Educational Needs Consultant | High Performance Coach ILM | Early Years professional | Quality Assurance Trainer | Emotional Intelligence Coach | Mental Health Consultant | Mental Health First Aid England Practitioner (youth and adult) | Private and Corporate well-being and Customer Service Trainer

Holistic Therapist - Ho'oponopono - Gut Brain Health - EFT - CBT - Colour - Crystal - ACEs - Indian Head Massage - Sound & Vibration - Music & Movement - Chakra Balance - Lifestyle & DNA analysis


Hi, I’m Lisa Jane mum to 3 grown up daughters and nannie to 5 amazing grandchildren. My partner and I have been together since the 1980s and over the years we have had our fair share of ups and downs, but our love of time in nature, on land and at sea has kept us sane.


On a personal level and as a and businesswomen I have also endured many challenges, and It is through these lived experiences and academic qualifications that I have been able to support hundreds of individuals and families. Many of these women have struggled both emotionally and physically with the demands of everyday life and because of past traumatic events, including Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). As a child I was raised in a very dysfunctional family unit, witnessing domestic violence, narcissistic behaviour, emotional abuse, and suicide attempt of my parents, so I fully understand the effects of ACEs and I quickly learned that the only person I could fully rely on was myself.

As a mum I had my first daughter aged just 17, my second daughter was born 12.5 years later after the loss of  7 angel babies, I then went on to have my third daughter 21 months later.

Over the years I  have been diagnosed with arthritis, fibromyalgia, degenerative cervical spine disease, osteoporosis and many gut health issues, however I put all of these illnesses down to my own immune system attacking itself due to stress brought on by running 2 businesses and raising my family.


In 2000 my second daughter was diagnosed with poly juvenile arthritis aged 4  years, forcing me to give up work as a Special Educational need’s Social worker, I spent many years training as a holistic therapist and slowly weaned myself and my daughter off medication and in 2004 I opened a private holistic childcare setting and continued to train in alternative therapies supporting other families as well as my own for 15 years.

As a family our lives took turn for the worse when we discovered that our two younger daughters were being groomed by a “friend and neighbour” at the caravan park, following his arrest for historical sexual child abuse, which led to him going to prison for 19 years. Fortunately our daughters had been spared but their emotional wellbeing crumbled and they both hit out at the world.

For several years’ life was heart-breaking as I witnessed our beautiful full of life daughters fall into depression, addiction and wanting to end their own lives. I reached out for support but as they didn’t meet the criteria for CAMHS, 42nd Street and other agencies we were let to deal with everything ourselves.

I did what I always did and trained and researched therapies and became a qualified hypnotherapist, Master NLP practitioner, Emotional intelligence facilitator and a Mental Health First Aider and Mentor.


My daughters are all grown up now, each of them are qualified in social-care and mental-health and continue to train as in holistic therapies whilst raising their own families.

Having needed support from other agencies in the past both on a personal level and for my clients I am aware that the waiting lists and treatments available are not always fit for purpose and that an increasing number of individuals and family units are in crisis.


It is through these lived experiences, qualifications and skills that I have gained knowledge and deep rooted understanding of the many challenges that females face and the reason why I set up MMM CIC, to provide much needed services to those who are in need of a helping hand and to provide self-help tools and techniques that enhance their wellbeing and overall health, for no women should ever feel alone.

Janine .jpeg

  Janine McDonald 

BSc (Hons) financial services

Emotional well-being mentor

Time Management

Professional Declutter

I'm Janine McDonald and in a previous life I was actually a Bank Manager (although my hair was a purplely, pinky colour then)  I experienced a number of years of being just able to get through each day as the stress of job took its toll on both my mental and physical health and I was off work long term. I was made redundant after 24 years due to work migrating abroad and it was actually a blessing in disguise.


After a period of being unable to work and now a single Mum to 2 young girls, I felt I had lost my identity and started to struggle with clutter in my home. As I became stronger and felt able to reach out for support I became more confident and able to pass on my skills to others who were struggling and feeling overwhelmed. This is when I founded Clear the Clutter Now, a decluttering and organisation business which focuses on the positive impact decluttering has on both your physical and mental wellbeing. 

I’m passionate about helping people to clear out the clutter from their homes and minds, leaving them free to enjoy a better quality of life. I understand how easy it is to get into a situation where clutter begins to get out of hand and takes over your house and life.


I help people go from being overwhelmed to being motivated and inspired. I love seeing the transformation in them from closed body language and folded arms to smiles and even laughter, as their confidence and self-worth increases. When we unpick the issues behind the clutter, it puts them back in control and they feel empowered to make changes for themselves. I’m also there to support, encourage and motivate. I’m all about positivity and problem solving and I’m always coming up with ideas for free storage solutions, using things people already have in their homes.


From this my mantra became 'Clear Home, Clear Head, Clear Heart 

I love photography and being able to see things in a different way, going for a wander in nature and, of course, crafting.

We all need a little help along the way, I know I have, and we are here to do just that. 

Paula image .jpg

Paula Middleton 

BSc (Hons) Psychology and Criminology | QLS Level 4 Health and Social Care


Certified LOA Life Coach | Lifestyle Entrepreneur


Published Author


Mental Health Specialist |Ho'oponopono trained practitioner

I’m Paula, mum of two boys and two girls. I have a passion for live music and adore going to festivals. Glastonbury is my soul home and I try and get back there any chance I can! I love travelling and believe moments and memories are far more important than trinkets and things … although I am a HUGE crystal lover, they’re essential shopping, aren’t they?!

Life throws us curve balls all the time. It’s thanks to some of those tough times that I have become the person I am today. My cousin had severe learning and physical disabilities and visiting her as a child I was spellbound with how she would light up the room with her personality despite being immobile and non-verbal. In retrospect, this set the scene for many future decisions regarding study, and career. Most of my work life has been spent supporting adults and young people with learning difficulties and / or mental health problems.

Let’s rewind to 1997. The Trafford Centre was being built and I worked in the supermarket opposite. I was 17 and spent most of my working day crying in the toilets with no idea why. Following a couple of suicide attempts, which later I realised were cries for help, I was assessed by a Psychiatrist and diagnosed with Clinical Depression. It was to be an infliction I battled all my adult life and resulted in missed opportunities, fraught relationships and difficult times.

It did however inspire me to study the human brain further and with a fascination in criminal behaviour, I went on to receive a BSc (Hons) in Psychology and Criminology. From there I went into management of supported living accommodation and achieved my NVQ 4 in Health and Social Care. Helping promote independence of adults and young people with mental health issues was rewarding, challenging but also heart-warming to see people almost forgotten by society go on and get jobs, do their own chores and manage their money effectively. Some things we can easily take for granted.

I had a stint in locked ‘forensic’ units and Psychiatric ICU units too. I loved every moment, but the time came when I was starting a family and the realisation hit me that I was not entirely untouched by the stories I was hearing. So, I changed career direction and began working for my local council in affordable housing and homelessness.

It was at this time I became pregnant with my first child and at almost six months gestation was advised he would not make it. The words hit me like a bullet train. ‘He would not survive outside the womb’. I gave birth to our beautiful baby boy on 15th July 2004 in between visiting my father-in-law who was on end-of-life care at the other side of the hospital for lung cancer. To say this was a difficult time just doesn’t give it justice. My heart was broken, and I was lost for a little while. But I made it through and went on to have four other beautifully healthy babies who I will forever be grateful for.

Another curve ball came my way in 2009. My best friend, my greatest ever cheerleader, my mum was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. After a short course of chemo and radiotherapy, it was found there was little that could be done. I was privileged to have nursed her in the final four months of her life and she died peacefully on the 18th March 2011.

With my history I knew I couldn’t make it through this one alone. I sought help and also found ways to help myself – I discovered we can rewire our own brains! Through grief, heartache, stress, there are many ways you can get a hold of these emotions and put them to better use. I have always been a spiritual person and although my beliefs don’t lie in traditional religion, I went back to the things I used to enjoy. I got back in touch with nature, looked at more natural ways to live and opened my mind to possibilities of a brighter future.

In 2013 I started my own business which is when ‘Don’t Just Imagine, Achieve It, Own It’ was born (each word one of my child’s first initial!) and in 2015 I was fortunate enough to leave the corporate world behind completely.

Losing mum brought me to the realisation that life can be short. If we don’t do the things that truly light us up, then have we even allowed ourselves to fully live? I knew my heart was set on helping others – it’s what I had done my whole working life! So I became a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and now work empowering individuals and families to discover what they truly want out of life and start putting those things into action!

To those of you that feel forgotten during recent world events or even before they happened, be assured that we at MMM CIC have got your back.

Sue photo.jpg

Susan Bond 

Motivational speaker | Independent business owner | 

Hi, my name is Sue. I’m 52 years young and have 2 grownup sons aged 30 and 32.  I have been gifted with 3 amazing grandsons, Roman, Carter and Kailon.

My background is quite varied from starting out at 15 working in a cafe/bakery, 16 in ‘Kwiksave’, 18 Virgin Records, 19 general office work at Emergency Oil Supplies.....pregnant at 20 and that’s when my life took a total change.

While I was in hospital having my first son, my partner decided to depart with my best friend which nearly destroyed me mentally.  Thanks to family and friends and my strong Scorpio spirit, this was the first major curve ball that life threw at me. I came through .....and when Christopher was 6 months old, I met my new partner.......

It was great in the beginning and I became pregnant again.....when Alex was born all seemed good. We were all living in a one bedroomed flat in an old house in Chorlton, until the physical abuse started from Alex's father.  He tried to strangle me in front of his own mother.....and I thought I was the bad person that had created this situation. But.....he had a fabulous way of making me forgive...but you never forget.

By chance, I found a lovely rented house in Urmston which gave us lots of space and a garden.  Then the nasty vicious violence started....but this time it was in front of my young sons and my sister and her children.  He would sneak into my house while I was out, bribing my babysitter, so he could wait for my return.

Again, I was always made to feel that it was me who caused the problems......the final straw was one morning Chris who was 4 said....i heard a bang last night mummy, was it daddy hitting your head against the wall?

That was the final straw...and I tear up writing this, because I just want people out there to know that they are not on their own and these years helped me become the strong person I am today.

So....moving on swiftly....he was out. 

I decided to start college and get all my qualifications in word processing and then went onto do a counselling course and legal secretary course.  I thought if I’m going into office work, I might as well go where the money is.

My first job came at a solicitors in Altrincham.  Fantastic...i couldn’t believe it.

Then a few days before I was starting, my neighbour, a known male bully, decided to attack me, knowing I was a single parent and feeling vulnerable. This happened in front of my son’s.....he knocked me to the ground and continually kicked me.  The police wanted me too because I protected I had to go into my first main job, after having my sons, and explain that my photo was now on file in Altrincham Police Station.  Telling the truth guided me through.

A strange turn of fate happened then and Christopher’s father came back on the scene after 10 years.  I felt i still loved him and really wanted to give it a go..........i know...don’t raise your eyes.....but sometimes you get put in situations for a reason.

So I worked in Altrincham until around 1998 when I was made redundant.   Oooh I would have to look for work in Manchester now......i didn’t feel confident enough to venture into the bigger world out there.

I put my big girl pants on and headed to the ‘Big Emerald City’ like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.


First interview, flew through. The bank rang during the interview funnily enough and gave me my first mortgage.    I looked the guy in the eye and said ‘ok, that was the bank. I have got a mortgage, now I need a job’...........he said ‘start Monday’.........BOOOM.....i was cooking.   The money was fab, I’d seen the house I life was on the UP. My confidence was oozing over the pavement as I left that building.

I was loving it there.......3 years I rises every year.......yes there was such a thing as a payrise in times gone by....then one day......i started noticing marks on my stomach and I couldn’t work out what was causing it.  Then it hit me like a tonne of bricks. I was suffering from stress and anxiety. It had crept up like a lion hunting its prey.  


And my life changed again - Doctors, antidepressants......i left work for 12 months....i was having panic attacks walking to the tram station.  This was not me at all.

I started a new job to see if it was the workplace that was affecting me.

The new solicitor was amazing.  I loved my work colleagues and boss and I felt so happy, then one day I was triggered again. I remember a pain shoot up the side of my face. I slammed my head down on the desk....and I couldn’t move or open my eyes. Any bit of light coming near my eyes was so painful. Specialists couldn’t work out what was wrong......antidepressants again to calm me down.  I left work.  I couldn’t bare to be near computers again.....for many years.  Bright lights, tv.....i couldn’t go near any of them.

My whole career was crushed in an instant.  No more office work for me. No more decent money.

But the Scorpio spirit bounced me back.  I started work in a local butchers. Minimum wage, no travel expenses, no stress and I was happy again.

Cut a long story short.....i subsequently went on to starting a job for a chartered surveyors, building a network marketing business over the past 10 years (2011)which led me to be a company trainer for them 2016-2019........and then FINALLY coming to the realisation that happiness and a life of no stress is what my body and mind was continually asking for, but I was ignoring the demands.

So now, my life has totally changed.....I’m living in my 25 year old caravan in a beautiful forest in North Wales.  I paint by numbers, I draw, I paint pebbles, i started a foraging course so I can learn and help others too. I love camping, karaoke, bike rides, walking and spending time with my grandsons.  Roman has cystic fibrosis so it’s not always easy as I would like but the reason for me buying my caravan was for them to have holidays whenever they like in the fresh air.

I am now based in woodlands with lots of trees, lakes and ponds. A perfect place to get back to nature.and grow my business, bringing people away to my little world where they can leave all their stress behind, if only for a few days to rest your body and just recharge for a few days.

Being part of MMM is such an honour because it gives me the opportunity to share my world and new found skills with others and also the life experiences that many endure, but cant get help. I am one of the lucky ones who finds it easy to bounce back....but not everyone can.....but with our help and support I am sure we can move mountains.  

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