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Our Founders


Lisa Jane Newman 

NLP Master Practitioner | Strategic Intervention Coach | Hypnotherapist | Special Educational Needs Consultant | High Performance Coach ILM | Early Years professional | Quality Assurance Trainer | Emotional Intelligence Coach | Mental Health Consultant | Mental Health First Aid England Practitioner (youth and adult) | Private and Corporate well-being and Customer Service Trainer

Holistic Therapist - Ho'oponopono - Gut Brain Health - EFT - CBT - Colour - Crystal - ACEs - Forrest Bathing - Sound & Vibration - Music & Movement - Chakra Balance - Lifestyle & DNA analysise - Cold Water Therapy


Hi, I’m Lisa Jane I love exploring the great outdoors and having fun in nature, im happiest when surrounded by my 3 grown up daughters and 7 amazing grandchildren. My partner since 1980s has always said that "im away with the fairies" because of my love for crystals, woodlands, waterfalls, colours, and everything woo-woo

I have been privilaged to work with families for over 40 years in various roles including social work, care in the community, SEN in schools, owning my own childcare for 15 years (rated outstanding during all inspections), and as a familiy therapist.


Throughout the years both on a personal and business level I have endured many magical moments but also many challenges, and It is through these lived experiences and academic qualifications that I have been able to support hundreds of individuals and families.and the reason why I set up MMM CIC, to provide much needed services to those who are in need of a helping hand and to provide self-help tools and techniques that enhance their wellbeing and overall health

Janine .jpeg

  Janine McDonald 

BSc (Hons) financial services

Emotional well-being mentor

Time Management

Professional Declutter

I'm Janine McDonald 
I’m passionate about helping people to clear out the clutter from their homes and minds, leaving them free to enjoy a better quality of life. I understand how easy it is to get into a situation where clutter begins to get out of hand and takes over your house and life.
I help people go from being overwhelmed to being motivated and inspired. I love seeing the transformation in them from closed body language and folded arms to smiles and even laughter, as their confidence and self-worth increases. When we unpick the issues behind the clutter, it puts them back in control and they feel empowered to make changes for themselves. I’m also there to support, encourage and motivate. I’m all about positivity and problem solving and I’m always coming up with ideas for free storage solutions, using things people already have in their homes.

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Paula Middleton 

BSc (Hons) Psychology and Criminology | QLS Level 4 Health and Social Care


Certified LOA Life Coach | Lifestyle Entrepreneur


Published Author


Mental Health Specialist |Ho'oponopono trained practitioner

I’m Paula, mum of two boys and two girls. I have a passion for live music and adore going to festivals. Glastonbury is my soul home and I try and get back there any chance I can! I love travelling and believe moments and memories are far more important than trinkets and things … although I am a HUGE crystal lover, they’re essential shopping, aren’t they?!

Life throws us curve balls all the time. It’s thanks to some of those tough times that I have become the person I am today. My cousin had severe learning and physical disabilities and visiting her as a child I was spellbound with how she would light up the room with her personality despite being immobile and non-verbal. In retrospect, this set the scene for many future decisions regarding study, and career. Most of my work life has been spent supporting adults and young people with learning difficulties and / or mental health problems.

To those of you that feel forgotten during recent world events or even before they happened, be assured that we at MMM CIC have got your back.

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