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Enchanted Tails and Trails Project 

Thanks to funding from Sports England in association with Salford CVS, Motivational Mindset Movement CIC have been delivering our Enchanted Tails and Trails project in Monton Greater Manchester since September 2021.
Our aim for this project is to encourage families to get outdoors and enhance their physical and mental well-being, whilst also having access to mentor support and learning strategies and techniques to bring calm to the chaos of family life, particular with the added stress of Covid-19.

Our Enchanted Tails and Trails project provided a free resource pack and regular group sessions to equip families with the confidence and self-esteem to become conscious communicators whilst also encouraging 
families to meet new people and learn new skills which immensely improved their emotional and mental wellbeing. we also provided craft activities, healthy eating tips and motivation to bring positive change into their home

Tails and Trails Break-aways 

Due to the unprecedented success of the Enchanted Tails and Trails sessions we are now looking to purchase camping equipment to enable us to take families in need of support away for short breaks in nature.

Unfortunately funding is very limited especially as we at MMM CIC don't just want to help a particular ethnic minority group, cultural group or a specific age group, we want to reach out to families like YOU.

Unique individuals who for whatever reason need a helping hand, a safe space and time to relax in beautiful surroundings, with support from our mentors who will guide and support you on your journey of life.  

Many of the families are struggling with poor mental health and may never have the opportunity to get away and relax without our support, but we need you to help us achieve this by donating funds or camping equipment. 

Please scan our QR code to donate today!

Together we can make a difference

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