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About Us

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Our network includes

inspirational individuals who want to help you through their  lived experiences

Motivational Mindset Movement is an organisation supporting families on their emotional and physical journey of life.

We are a friendly group of inspirational ladies with lived experiences and a wealth of learning and qualifications, in wellness and in business. 

Individuality is of paramount importance to us, and we believe every woman should feel proud of who they are and have the self esteem and confidence to achieve their hopes and dreams, whether this be at home, in a relationship, as a mum or as a business woman. 

Since the founding of the NHS in 1948, physical care and mental health care have largely been disconnected. There is an increasing call on healthcare professionals to consider psychological wellbeing when treating the physical symptoms of a condition and vice versa”.(ref:


We want to change this.


A clear distinction is often made between 'mind' and 'body'. But when considering mental health and physical health, the two should not be thought of as separate. Recent research suggests that regardless of age, gender, culture of social economics, there is an increase in poor mental health and emotional well-being in all areas of England and Wales.

Personal GROWTH

​We focus on Personal GROWTH; working on the mind, body and soul, connecting to your feminine, masculine and spiritual energies.


We focus on:

Goals: helping you plan and achieve your goals

Reality: Understanding your core values, beliefs strengths and passions.


Options: How to evaluate your plans and find opportunities.

Will: Finding your drive and motivation to achieve your goals.

Training: What do you need to learn to achieve your goals

Honour: Value and love yourself.

Image by Danilo Ćalić
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